VisionMax Cinema

Vision Max.pngSalisbury, MA

VisionMax Cinema is a multiplex showing the latest movie releases. VisionMax uses an EMC from AdChoice LED Signs to advertise the movie times and promote upcoming features. The sign will also be helpful in promoting the soon-to-be opened Cinema Pub, a restaurant that serves great food to VisionMax customers.

“We use our EMC from AdChoice LED Signs to advertise the movies we’re showing. The LED EMCs give us great visibility! This technology is far superior over traditional static signage.”

– Keith Martin

Metropolis Resort

Metropolis Resort.pngEau Claire, WI

The Metropolis Resort is a premier family getaway destination and a well-appointed hotel for business travelers visiting western Wisconsin. The managers at the Metropolis leverage the flexibility of their EMC from AdChoice LED Signs to target advertising to different types of customers at different times. On the weekends, the Metropolis can promote the Chaos Indoor Water Park and Action Family Fun Center to families, and on weekdays, advertise business-friendly amenities and conference capabilities to corporate customers.

“Investing in our big LED EMC from AdChoice LED Signs was one of the best decisions we’ve made. It pulls people off the highway and onto our property every day. We have a lot to offer locals, but they might not know it if we didn’t have that LED advertising.”

– Sara Abbott, Resort General Manager

Buzz Inn Casino & Steakhouse

Buzz Inn.pngWashington State

Buzz Inn Casino and Steak House is a very popular Washington state establishment with 11 locations and a loyal clientele. They use AdChoice LED Signs to draw in new customers, to advertise specials, and to promote casino tournaments. According to Bill Tackitt, the owner of Buzz Inn Casino and Steak House, his eBoard signs are a powerful, yet easy to use marketing tool.

“I’ve been doing business with AdChoice LED Signs since 2007. I always order an AdCenter Outdoor before I open a new location. The signs are built with installation in mind. We do it ourselves. I just bring in an electrician to get power to them. The software is really powerful and easy to use, too. My managers have all become experts at changing the messages and making them look great. We really use these signs to the max, and they give a lot back in business. I highly recommend AdChoice LED Signs.”

– Bill Tackitt, Owner

Roberto's Jewelry

Robertos.pngNational City, CA

For over three decades, Roberto’s Jewelry in National City, California has been providing customers with beautiful jewelry for birthdays, weddings, and other special moments. Roberto’s uses an EMC sign from AdChoice LED Signs to draw in new customers, advertise the arrival of new items, or remind customers of its excellent jewelry repair services.

“In our business you need to present a big, professional image to beat out the competition. Our LED advertising boards from AdChoice LED Signs make a spectacular impression. They work too! They delivered a big increase in customers and revenue. I strongly recommend them.”

– Roberto Plascencia, Owner